Places of Interest

Places of Tourist Interest in Saran District

1. Aami Temple:-

The place is situated about 37 km east of Chapra and 4 km west of Dighwara. It is said that in ancient times there was a Dirgh dwar near Dighwara Railway station and the place came to be known as Dighwara. In Aami there is an old temple known as Amba asthan . Near the temple there is a garden and a deep and broad well in which water remains all over the year and it never dries up. The believer from far off come to pay oblation in the established in her memory over this Yagya Kunda. The believers from far off come to pay oblation in the Navratra of April and October. Water offered here by lacs of People vanishes in the Kunda.

2. Sonepur/HariharNath Temple:-

Internationally famous for the large fair held on the occasion of Kartik Purnima, it is also the head quarters of Sonepur Anchal. Sonepur is a Nagar Panchayat and is noted for its Railways platform which is one of the largest in India. So far as religious aspect of Sonepur Mela is concerned, special significance is owing to the temple of shree Hariharnath and the site of the battle of Gaj-Grah and rescue of the former by Hari During Kartik Purnima Ganga Snan or ceremonial bathing in the Ganga is held by Hindus to be unusually efficacious. On the day of full moon (Kartik Purnima) immense crowd assembles and take bath. The Mela commences on that day and lasts for more than a fortnight.

The Shiva temple, Kali temple and other temples and historical religious monuments are situated here and social and economical activities are at the highest peak during the Mela period. People come here to pay their oblation to the lords and thus its importance is not within Sonepur of Bihar rather it is of India and world fame.

3. Dhorh Ashram:-

This place is situated towards north of Parsagarh where   many exhibits of archaeological importance can be seen. On the bank of river Gandaki and ancient temple of Bhagwan Dhadheswar nath is situated in which a gigantic Shiv Ling of stone is there

4. Gautam Asthan:-

The Ashram of Gautam Rishi is situated 5 km west of Chapra As per religious belief the purification of Ahalya was meted out here. In the epic Ramayan, there is mention of Gautam Rishi who had cursed his wife who turned into stone.

5. Silhauri:-

This is an important place as per the child Episode of Shiv Puran and Ram charitra Manas. The mohbhan of Narad depicts the place to be here. This ancient place is 28 km away from Marhowra. On every Shivratary mela is organized here during which the devotes of Baba Shilanath come to pay their obeisances.

6. Chirand:-

Chirand is situated 11 km south east of the district headquarter near Doriganj Bazar at the north bank of river Ghaghra. The result of the excavation there reveals about four thousand years old developed culture of Pashan age. Inhabitants of Chirand were engaged in Animal Husbandry, agriculture and hunting. In whole of India new Pashan age culture was firstly revealed here.  Chirand had become an important urban place.

7. Dutch Cemetery at Karinga (Chapra):-

Dutch Cemetery at Karinga is about 5 km north of chhapra town, located on chhapra- Jalalpur NH-101. Built in the memory of the then Dutch governor Jacobus Van Hoorn, the two mausoleums are believed to be more than 300 years old.

According to historical record A Portion of the Chapra Town which was in possession of the Dutch till 1770. The Dutch cemetery at Karinga, with inscription dating as far back as 1712, is an object of interest. Both Taverneir and Berneir who had visited Bihar in 1666 and mentioned about the Holland company trending in Saltpetre in a town called Chapra. During the end of Seventeenth century and the early eighteenth-century Saran was the centre of attraction of the Europeans trading company due to saltpetre. The mausoleum of Dutch governor Jacobus Van Hoorn past importance is the reminiscent of its past importance. It is a substantially built grave and an edifice and it has withstood the weather for more than two centuries.